SEO Consulting

The goal of any SEO strategy should be to increase revenue or improve some other key performance indicator.  The SEO strategy  will involve getting your site indexed in all of the major search engines and business directories as well as Google My Business.

You will also receive a comprehensive website audit which will detail SEO priorities and identify some low hanging fruit you can take action on immediately for quick results.

During this stage you will start to see your website rise in the rankings and you may even generate some new business because your customers can now find you.

The need for SEO consulting could be ongoing.  Google and other major search engines are constantly updating the way they rank web pages.  You may want to retain SEO services on a month to month basis because the job is never done.  You will continue to receive monthly status reports that point out any actionable recommendations for change that I uncover.  I will continue building your link profile naturally to keep your site at or near the top.  I will also target long tail (highly targeted) keyword phrases to capitalize on the customers who are in the purchase stage and ready to spend money!